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file2013-05-28 THC MFCDC CDBG proposal packet.pdf2013-06-06 19:582329 KB
file2013-05-28 THC MFCDC CDBG proposal presentation.pdf2013-06-06 19:521208 KB
file2013-06-08 Acquisition & Stabilization Update.docx2013-06-12 21:2119 KB
file2013-09-05 Rabbi Sasso High Holiday Sermon.doc2013-09-10 18:0547 KB
file2013-10-17 Presentation to County Commissioners.pdf2015-10-08 15:1878 KB
file2013-10-25 Area Map.jpg2014-01-23 02:575912 KB
file2013-10-25 Area Map.pdf2013-10-25 13:362836 KB
file2013-10-27 Indiana Jewish Historical Society program.pdf2013-10-21 21:571408 KB
file2013-10-27 Presentation to Indiana Jewish Historical Society.docx2013-10-30 20:0234 KB
file2014-01-24 THC Milestone Achievements.docx2014-01-23 22:0335 KB
file2014-01-24 THC Visioning Session Presentation.pptx2014-01-29 19:5680020 KB
file2014-02-24 THC Midtown presentation.pdf2014-02-25 15:372582 KB
file2014-02-25 Temple Heritage Center, Inc. Community Overview Presentation.pptx2014-02-25 15:347425 KB
file2014-03-04 THC Outreach Strategy DRAFT.docx2014-03-05 00:2625 KB
file2014-03-12 PRESENTATION - IK.pptx2014-03-12 22:29294756 KB
file2014-03-20 MFCDC Outreach Timeline (Bernard Mickle).docx2014-03-21 14:0918 KB
file2014-03-29 IK Presentation.pptx2014-03-29 19:48294782 KB
file2014-04-17 PRESENTATION IK.pdf2014-04-17 16:4210866 KB
file2014-04-19 PRESENTATION IK.pdf2014-04-19 18:2210867 KB
file2014-06-08 PRESENTATION B- IK.pdf2014-06-08 17:3511889 KB
file2014-07-14 Mid-North Neighborhood Associations.docx2014-07-14 17:0420 KB
file2014-07-17 PRESENTATION B- IK - QOL.pptx2014-07-17 17:14238222 KB