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file1923-05-15 Beautiful Temple To Be Erected Soon - Indy Star.pdf2013-06-28 04:17883 KB
file1923-1931 Whitaker Collection.pdf2015-10-08 17:0218219 KB
file1925-12-11 History of Congregation Beth El (Sakowitz) & President's Message (Goodman).pdf2015-10-08 03:44357 KB
file1931-04-11 Group Started in 1885 Now Part of Beth-El Zedeck Hebrew Congregation - Indianapolis News.pdf2015-10-08 03:471572 KB
file1953 Confirmation Class Annual Year-Book charcoal sketch.jpg2014-01-14 21:133177 KB
file1953 Confirmation Class Annual Year-Book.pdf2013-12-27 01:2347866 KB
file1953 Confirmation Class.jpg2014-01-14 21:142415 KB
file1958 A History of Beth-El Zedeck, 1925-1958.pdf2013-06-28 04:161477 KB
file1964 Who's Who in Bnai Brith Indianapolis Lodge 58, 1939-1964.pdf2014-08-21 15:1130221 KB
file2004-05-18 Congregation Beth-El Zedeck records, 1899-2002 - Indiana Historical Society.pdf2015-10-06 20:08102 KB
file2007-02 DNR HPA Marion County Jewish History.pdf2013-03-11 21:001256 KB
file2011-11-09 DNR HPA National Register opinion letter.pdf2015-10-08 15:1766 KB
file2016-09-20 Indiana Landmarks Beth-El Temple National Register nomination DRAFT.doc2016-09-21 14:584577 KB
file2016-10-20 Indiana Landmarks Beth-El Temple National Register nomination.doc2016-10-21 16:454584 KB
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