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file2011-11-09 DNR HPA National Register opinion letter.pdf2015-10-08 15:1766 KB
file2012-06-12 Coalition aims to restore historic temple as Jewish Heritage Center - Indiana Landmarks.docx2013-08-30 03:1581 KB
file2012-10-25 Rabbis Sasso letter of support.pdf2015-10-08 14:3868 KB
file2013-03-22 Judy Chicago letter to THC.pdf2015-10-08 16:3559 KB
file2013-05-28 MFCDC Board meeting minutes.pdf2015-10-08 14:47150 KB
file2013-08-12 Indiana Jewish Historical Society letter of support.pdf2015-10-08 14:38177 KB
file2013-08-14 DMD MFCDC CDBG contract letter (Adam Thies).pdf2015-10-08 14:38349 KB
file2013-10-14 Congregation Beth El Zedeck letter of support.pdf2015-10-08 14:39236 KB
file2013-12-24 Tabernacle Presbyterian Church letter of support.pdf2015-10-08 14:39214 KB
file2014-01-27 Jewish Federation letter of support.pdf2015-10-08 14:4037 KB
file2014-02-12 Long-vacant Indianapolis temple headed for recovery - Indiana Landmarks.docx2014-02-15 16:09125 KB
file2014-02-13 Shaarey Tefilla letter of support.pdf2015-10-08 14:40272 KB
file2014-04-02 Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation letter of support.pdf2015-10-08 14:4062 KB
file2016-09-20 Indiana Landmarks Beth-El Temple National Register nomination DRAFT.doc2016-09-21 14:584577 KB
file2016-10-20 Indiana Landmarks Beth-El Temple National Register nomination.doc2016-10-21 16:454584 KB