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file2013-03-18 THC Certificate of Incorporation.pdf2013-06-09 15:01508 KB
file2013-10-17 THC Organization Name, Mission & Directors.pdf2015-10-08 14:4810 KB
file2013-12-17 Indiana Landmarks-THC MOU signed.pdf2015-10-08 15:20380 KB
file2014-01-14 THC Bylaws.docx2014-01-23 19:3633 KB
file2014-01-23 THC Bylaws signed incorrect.pdf2014-01-24 03:382341 KB
file2014-01-23 THC Bylaws signed.pdf2014-01-24 03:322354 KB
file2014-03-21 THC Board meeting minutes - TBD.docx2014-03-25 19:4222 KB
file2014-04-28 THC Board meeting minutes.docx2014-05-01 21:2225 KB
file2014-09-16 IRS letter approving 501(c)(3) status and tax exemption.pdf2016-02-16 22:3656 KB
file2015-02-04 THC Board financial reports.pdf2015-02-06 21:24503 KB
file2015-02-06 THC Board meeting minutes.docx2015-02-10 03:1427 KB
file2015-09-25 THC Board meeting notes.pdf2016-10-05 14:171301 KB